• Emily Batty and our Tools Set in a zip Bag

    UNIOR Bike Tool Sets

    We have you covered even when a Workshop is not near

  • Every tool in its place and a PLACE for every tool

    UNIOR Tool Foam Inserts

    With specially designed Foam Inserts, every tool is arranged for ease of access and stock checking

  • Ride as Hard as You want

    When Your Mechanic Trusts the Tools

    You can trust your bike when you can trust the tool

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  • Reliable and Convenient

    Once you've placed your order and made payment, we'll arrange delivery to your doorstep. Alternatively you can arrange for collection at our Warehouse.

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    If you have any questions, simply contact us we'll gladly assist.

  • Secure payment

    We've got secure payment options so you have peace of mind while shopping.

UNIOR Bike Tools

For the Professional and the Weekend Warrior

Unior bicycle tools are used for basic maintenance, minor repairs and major repairs and have been designed together with leading bicycle manufacturers.

Top quality materials provide long service life whilst the ergonomic design provides good looks and safe working.

World's Best Bike Tools are in South Africa

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